Yes, Poetry

Artwork by Robin Kalinich


Robin Kalinich tends to take on more than one person can reasonably accomplish, causing her life to look like a chaotic, snarled mess to the untrained eye. In fact, it’s a delightful muddle of romance, adventure, science, books, art, & anything else she decides to pick up along the way. Mostly, she’s just out there in the world, winging it like everyone else. Time is her mortal enemy, so she’s doing everything within her power to foil it by squeezing in as much as humanly possible while the clock relentlessly ticks in the background. Robin loves people ferociously, forgives liberally, and has finally learned how to cut loose those who consistently have a negative impact on her life. Her professional life is challenging and busy, so she unwinds by tapping into her creative side. Some of the results of her artistic endeavors can be seen here. Her walls are only so big, you know.

Each of her works is meant to explore the theme of transformation. She wholeheartedly believes that each & every person possesses the power to live an extraordinary life. For Robin, this is a life which results in a sense of accomplishment, excitement, satisfaction, and peace. She must be creative in order to accomplish this. Over the past eight years, her life has been completely transformed and she continues to learn & grow on a daily basis.

Robin creates pieces that are vibrant and full of life. Rather than work on canvas, she prefers the rigidity of wood and primarily works in acrylic, encaustic, paper, and India ink. The encaustic paints she uses are made by hand in her studio using beeswax, damar resin, and pigment. Each piece is glazed and then coated with a clear UV-resistant spray. This is art that is meant to be lived with & enjoyed on a daily basis.

If you’d like to see what she’s working on, visit the Ink & Alchemy blog: