Yes, Poetry

Summer 2013

Dearest readers,

Yes, Poetry is ecstatic to officially launch a completely new website & journal design with its Summer 2013 issue. Our new web design & logo was created by the genius mind of our Digital Editor, Ted Chevalier. This issue features three divine poets who play with language with a fine toothpick—they polish it to perfection when necessary, but still manage to maintain a rawness necessary to leave the reader asking questions. We asked Abigail, Jackie, & Gabriel about their lineation process, to which each essentially responded the same way: from themselves. They breathe their poems from inside their bodies out to the external world. 

Best wishes,
Joanna C. Valente
Founding Editor


In this issue:

Abigail Welhouse

"She will reattach / soul to body."

Jackie Anne Morrill

You sending thyme in shelled envelopes? / I am coming.”

Gabriel Don

Created generations / Swayed by present feeling.”


Starting in January 2013, Yes Poetry will start publishing 4x a year! These issues will take place in winter, spring, summer, and fall.

We have decided the staff & readers would benefit most from us publishing quarterly, as we will be able to have more time to carefully select the work and craft each issue with love. We hope you continue to submit & support the magazine through this transitional period.

Please continue to submit poetry on a rolling basis to our email:

We thank & praise you.