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September Poet of the Month: Eric Rodriguez


Eric Doce is a philosophy graduate school drop out, compiling his forthcoming book “Son, Shower” (a collection of drawn collages and poems, 2011-2014). He lives in Brooklyn, with his gun.

Apothecary, Overgrown

I spied the laughing din of perennials
Scatter hummingbirds skyward, anchoring

My gabbling catmint, sea-holly cloaks.
Medusa’s intestines crown my face.

I spied anorthosite worlds wherein skin
Pumices; her cellar of petrologists.

I spark a millstone in the brush with flint,

Though the flowers, incanting, have sigils
Too soaked, to stoke, in mouthless laughter.

Scry Technicians

Boiled cicadas
Dart and bob the water’s rim.
Well-oiled machines furrow the oil well.
Molten Sycorax,

I think, gargles the brim,
And fumes 

Plumed air we take in and spend.
I swear

A memory of box-comb bees rolling
As we siphon their smoke, again.
We watched

The inks of Lascaux light our sober ceiling
Unframed, omens drop

After a pregnant month.
Our canopy

Caves, water-stained,
As earth rolls a steady boil.


Living under moss
Turns the outside

Earth unworthy of
Your days’, and nights’,
And hours’ ears,

Until your dankness
Suckles scavenger flies,

And merry families
Of heady fungi
Revisit your toxins

To our dulled,
Sea-drunk world.

Poetry & Talk with Eric Rodriguez

The interview, as well as Eric’s poetry and artwork can be downloaded for free on Lulu here. 

In his spare time, his hair and fingernails grow twice as quickly. He once could have been found living across from Calvary Cemetery in Woodside, but he does not do that any longer. A problem child (the quiet kind), he once threw nude drawings into the yards of his neighbors. No one suspects much of him—or so they think. He is a pisces—the real kind—born in 1990. He will be graduating from Purchase College in no time with a B.A. in philosophy and soon after attending a Doctorate program at whichever school funds him. His current academic work fixates on the intersections between Spinoza’s ethical philosophy and contemporary gender studies. Eric Rodriguez is a poet and he did not even know it.